That’s what Bryce feels his one night with Maya is. But he knows it’s all he can allow himself to have with her because of the vow he’s made. No love, no feelings, no relationships, no commitments. Never again. Those promises work perfectly fine until he meets Maya, and realizes he’s unable to get her off of his mind, or stop wanting her in his bed.

Maya doesn’t want anything to do with love; something she’s only ever known to come with conditions and judgment. So it’s easy for her to agree to Bryce’s rules of not letting feelings get involved. But she can’t help what being around him does to her, or the way he has her wondering if broken rules are worth the cost.

A positive pregnancy test is something neither of them expects. It changes everything, and yet their apprehensions remain the same. His walls are too high to climb. She’s fighting to keep her walls from crumbling down. Throw a baby into the mix and things can get…interesting.