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The Great Escape

An excerpt from the scene that has become a favorite in Never Leave Your Side:  

“Um, are you sure this is the right place?” I ask.
“If I had a dollar for every time someone said that.” A man comes from behind the counter, laughing. “I’d be a rich man.” He walks over to us. “Welcome to The Great Escape.”
“So, how does this work?” Kyle inquires.
“You start out in the room right over here. There’s a video to tell you the backstory and what to expect. You get three clues. If you both decide that you need them, you wave in front of the TV and one will come on the screen. You have an hour to escape.”
“Or?” I arch a brow in worry.
He wiggles his eyebrows and gestures to the black door across from us.
“Did you check any reviews for this place?” I whisper to Kyle. “To make sure other people actually made it out, you know…alive?”
“I can’t say that I did.” He chuckles. “But don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”
We walk into the small, dark room and the door slams behind us. I try to twist the knob, but it doesn’t budge. I open my mouth to speak, but the TV cuts on, casting a glow in the room. I look around and see fake blood smeared on the walls, scratch marks trailing down a door that leads to another room. Sound draws my attention back to the TV.
A deep voice tells us that we’re now in the house of a serial killer. That all his other victims have passed through this room and none have left alive. He tells us that he’s gone out to get supplies and that when he gets back in an hour, that we’re all going to have some “fun.”
“There’s no way out,” The voice says. “Use this time to pray for your soul because when I get back, I’m going to rip it out.”
“I’m going to kill you,” I tell Kyle.
“Yeah, if that guy doesn’t beat you to it.”

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