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Goodbye 2019

I stayed up into 2020, working on my current book, not even knowing it was midnight until I heard the fireworks going off outside my window. But here we are, a new decade. And I’m so excited to see what this year, and decade, brings.

But as for 2019, well:

I published three books.

Wrote eight books, 560,422 words, give or take. (Definitely more give lol)

Got much better at making edits.

Designed all the covers for my books in the foreseeable future.

And when I consider the fact that I somehow got all this done with a husband and five kids and everything else going on in my life, I definitely pat myself on the back. Because some months I wrote less words than others and I’d start to feel like I’m wasn’t doing enough, wasn’t working hard enough. I felt bad when I took a day off, when I read books and told myself if I have time for that, then I had time to work on my own. Gonna try and do better with that this year. Letting myself feel okay about taking the time away from writing when I need to. But in other ways, writing is my therapy. Writing is what makes my day, makes me happy and relaxed, so it’s a slippery, weird slope.

Anywho, in 2020 I plan to release 4 books, 3 contemporary romances and a fantasy romance, if all goes according to plan. Still working on book #15, about half way through, and just got done editing book #6 last night.

And bonus for last night, to leave 2019 on a super high note, Be My Light made it onto a reader I absolutely love’s fav reads list. So seeing that really just made my night, and really I’m still flying high off that today.

Hope everyone has a wonderful year and goes for what makes them happy.

Write soon. Bye.


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Words are flowing!

Book #14 is underway. I’m about 30k in, hoping to hit 50k by the end of the month. I just sent book #5 to the editor this morning and think I finally found a cover I like for it. I’ve been stressing over this cover for weeks, so hopefully that’s the end of that.

I reread my fantasy book, in preparation of sending that to the editor once we’re done with book #5 and I’m still so, so in love with it. I already have the second book in that series plotted out and have started plotting the third.

And of course, because my brain seems to work best on overload, I’ve already started taking notes on my phone for another fantasy book.

More on book #5. It has s suspense element to it since the heroine is fleeing her abusive ex. And let’s just say, he’s promised to never let her go. And he’s sick enough to try keeping that promise. I’m looking to have it published February 1st but that depends on a few things.

In the meantime, Never Leave Your Side is available to buy or read with Kindle Unlimited. And the paperback is now live as well.


Write soon. Bye.



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Book #13 In Progress

So I did take my much needed break until the second week of September. But now I’m back to writing everyday. Well no, I’m supposed to be taking weekends off, but uh, that didn’t quite work out today. I wrote this morning and now I’m plotting while watching a Hunger Games marathon.

Anywho, book #13 is an accidental pregnancy book. So far, I have 23k down for it. Trying to reach 40k by the end of the month. Somehow I am this far into the book and still haven’t figured out the hero and heroine’s names, let alone the side characters. Everytime I need to write their names, I’ve just been putting this ‘_____’. Horrible, I know.

Book #4 is with the editor right now and I’m hoping to publish it on November 15th. I’ll be revealing the cover soon, on here first, then on my social media accounts.

Speaking of which, on October 15th, I’ll be doing a giveaway of a signed copy of Be My Light and a small book themed bag for the book’s one year anniversary. So go follow me on instagram and be on the look-out for that.

And while book #4 is with the editor and there are those moments when I can’t write or plot but have my laptop out, I’m editing my fantasy book. I’ve really been focusing on the character descriptions during my editing, making sure they sound how I picture them in my head. As for the heroine’s outfits, I got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, if you wanna go over there and get a sneak peek at some of the gowns the heroine wears.

Write soon. Bye.

Ari Reavis