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More Work Done

Haven’t written in a while, but I have been writing. I wrote a chapter towards the end of my new adult romance, where a lot of the drama comes in. I was worried about writing out of order, but the chapter seriously had me up at 3am screaming to be written, so I did it, to keep my sanity. But after writing such an emotional chapter (a sad chapter), it was hard to go back to the previous chapter and get back into the happy period the main character was in, so I switched to my single dad (contemporary) romance for a while. Got another chapter done for that, and then went back to my new adult book.

I took 2 days off writing over the weekend because, honestly I just didn’t feel like writing. My hand hurt and I just needed a break and I had to keep reminding myself that was ok.

But now I’m back at it and finishing another chapter for my new adult romance. I’m going to a book conference at the end of the month, so I don’t know quite how that’s going to work. I’m terrified of bringing my journal and having it get lost at the airport or something. And I don’t know how much time I’d actually have to write anyway.

Write soon. Bye.


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