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The Hell That Is Editing

I finished book #6 and am now editing book 2, so I can get it to the editor. Yes, editing to send it to the editor. I don’t want her jumping ship because it’s that bad. But I must say, re-reading book 2, I find myself just as in love with it as when I wrote it. I hope everyone else loves it too. This one is the single dad romance.

Other then that, Be My Light is doing well, even if the lack of reviews frustrates me. It’s weird to see people reading your book (through sales and seeing how many pages are read with Kindle Unlimited), but not seeing reviews or what they thought about it. But I guess on the flip side of that is no reviews also means no bad reviews.

I plan to finish editing book 2 this week and then getting started on book #7, which was inspired by a book cover design I saw. I had it plotted out within hours of seeing the cover. It’s that beautiful.

Write soon. Bye.

Ari Reavis

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