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A break…Maybe

Book #12 is finished. It ended up being a heck of a lot longer than I thought it would. It seemed like every time I thought I was almost done, another idea would pop into my head. There’s a lot in this book that if someone looked at my google history, would look very suspicious. It’s also the last book in a series I’ve written about people from the same town. No more characters are calling to me from it, so I think this will be the last. Now to find a cover and some pictures for edits for it.

Speaking of… Edits. I wish I knew more about them for my first three books. I have so much fun looking for pictures to use for them now. Pictures I wouldn’t use for a cover, but go along so well with the book.

I’m taking a break until the kids go back to school because man, do they make writing extra hard. So that’s about a week and a half to finish plotting other books, get book #4 to the editor, and work on that book’s cover a little more. The picture I chose for it is so, so nice. Or, at least I think so.

Looking forward to getting back to work though because the days feel weird without sitting with my laptop for a few hours.

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Write soon. Bye.


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