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It Was Always You is FREE

It Was Always You is FREE today. And always available to read through Kindle Unlimited.


The first time Aubrey met Eric, he spilled his drink on her favorite dress. The second time, she was scowling at him across the room as her sister celebrated her engagement to his brother. Now he’s in her life to stay and she’s stuck asking herself what she did to deserve this punishment.
She can no longer avoid his smirk or ignore the way her body reacts when he walks into a room. With each laugh, joke, and caress, it’s getting harder to convince herself that it all means nothing. But the alternative is acknowledging that he’s starting to make her feel everything she promised herself she never would.
Having already seen what letting someone in leads to, she’s sworn to always protect her heart. Only now, she can’t help wondering if it might be safest with the person she thought she hated most.

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Two Year Anniversary And A Freebie

I can’t believe it’s been two years since I published Be My Light. So much hard work, so many emotions, so much hope, all placed between a front and back cover, all poured into so many words. I’ve published five other books since then, but this book will always be my baby, my introduction into author-hood (Is that a word? Well, it is now.)

Be My Light is free today. If you already own a copy, tell someone else to get it. If you have it, read it. If you’ve read it, review it. I appreciate it all.

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Freebie Alert

Afraid to Fall is FREE today only (9/9/2020)

Don’t be afraid to fall in love. That’s much easier said than done.

Layla’s on the run and the very last thing she should be doing is noticing the mechanic working on her car. Using a fake name and with her guard all the way up, she keeps telling herself having feelings for someone is off limits. But it isn’t long before her heart stops listening to her head.

Nathan knows he’s found someone special from the moment he pulls a woman out of her smoking car. He can see she’s been hurt and that she’s still scared. But he wants to help her move forward, into a future with him. Can he get her to open up and let him prove he’s what she needs?

You can’t run forever and when the past comes back to steal every bit of happiness she’s fought for, neither Layla nor Nathan is willing to give it up. That doesn’t mean it can’t just be snatched from them.

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Free For The Weekend!

Surprise! Just Fake It is free for the weekend. Today through Sunday (2/14/20-2/16/20)for fb 2

Get it at this link: Just Fake It


You are cordially invited to a wedding…

The date has been picked; the planning has begun. All that’s needed now is a groom.

Angela never saw herself asking a complete stranger to marry her, but with her wedding drawing closer, she’s left with little choice. The arrangement is simple. Convince her parents they’re head over heels for each other, get married, and then go their separate ways.

But she didn’t anticipate her heart having plans of its own.

Tristan thought he was meeting her for their first date, but ends up getting a marriage proposal instead. His past makes it easy to understand why Angela needs a fake fiancé. And how hard could it be to go along with her charade anyway?

But his feelings never agreed to play by the rules.

Neither of them considered what would happen when faking it stopped being enough. What do you do when you start falling for the person you’re marrying?

Happy reading.

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Wanna know a secret?

Be My Light will be on sale for $0.99 on 11/15-11/16 to celebrate the one month anniversary of it’s release. If you’ve been waiting to buy it, that will be your chance to get it at a lower price. I’ll post again on that day as a reminder.

In other news, I finished book #5 today. Yay! I already have a title for it and a blurb, but I’ll probably do quite a bit of revising on the blurb. I just wanted to write a rough draft of it while the story was still fresh in my mind.

Now that I’ll be taking a little break from writing (or at least trying to hehe), I’ll be doing a read through of book #2 (single dad romance) in preparation of it going to the editor to start on the road to publishing it. I finally found a cover for it and just need to work on the blurb for it now.

I have book #6 all plotted out and although I’m inching to start it, I’m trying to give myself a little break. But I also upped my daily writing goal as of 11/1, which in turn upped my monthly writing goal to 35k, so I can’t take too much of a break or I won’t meet it.

Write soon. Bye.