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And So It Begins

pen Guess what? I’ve decided to write a book!! Hopefully you’ll continue on this journey with me from writing, to figuring out publishing, to sending my book into the world. I’m writing two romances, at this time. One is new adult and the other is a contemporary romance. As of today, the new adult has 17 chapters and the contemporary has 6. I’m in love with all of my characters. I think about them all the time and I often find myself wondering how any of my favorite authors ever getting anything else done besides writing, if this is how their minds run all the time. I’m writing everything by hand, because that’s the creative process that works for me, and man, is my hand hurting most days, but it’s a beautiful pain.

So on this website is where I’ll be updating on the progress of my books, posting teasers, and introducing you to many of my characters.

Write soon. Bye.




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