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Background Noise

Yesterday I got one more chapter down for my new adult romance.  The main character’s name is Ebony and she’s trying to get out of a really dark place. I got done writing around midnight and could’ve continued, but I know the next chapter is going to be really emotional and I wanted to start it on a new day with a fresh mind.

One thing that I’m noticing is that I find it really hard to write without some kind of background noise, whether it’s music or some show streaming on my laptop. Lately I’ve been writing while watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey. And since my book will have a playlist (which I’m super excited about), when I write about a song in the book, I start playing that song on my laptop and write while listening to that.

Like I said, today’s chapter will be an emotional one. Long held secrets will come to light and the past will finally be talked about. I’ll have tissues on standby for myself. I think this will be a pretty long chapter, as there’s a lot to be said and a lot of feelings to get through.

Write soon. Bye.


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