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I Want Your Tears

tearsBetween yesterday and today, I wrote two chapters for my new adult romance. Two very emotional chapters. A lot of feelings came to the surface for the main character, Ebony. A lot of her pain was exposed and it was hard to write what she went through.

I teared up writing it and I’m hoping whoever reads it tears up as well. Yes, I want your tears! When I read and really connect with a character and cry because of whatever they’re struggling with, I never forget that book. They are the first ones I recommend to other people when asked. So, yes I absolutely want people to connect with my characters like that and be able to feel their pain and anger and remember them long after they read the last page.

Trying to find time to write one more chapter today. I already wrote a few lines of it, but now the kids are home from school and time to write is in short supply. Well, I guess I can hope I have time when they go to sleep.

Write soon. Bye.


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