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Poem: If Found, Please Return

Yesterday I wrote most of a chapter, but was derailed from writing more later. When I sat down to write, I happened to look in the book of my journal where I keep my poems, and discovered my favorite poem was missing. I wrote this poem a few years ago when I was going through exactly what Ebony, in the new adult romance, is going through now. It’s a pretty big part of my story. Obviously, I was a wreck last night (and today) searching everywhere for it, even places I knew it couldn’t possibly be. I even offered my kids $5, if they found it, but nothing so far. I’m pretty heartbroken over it. I’m trying to figure out what will have to change in my story if I can’t find it.

But, in other news, I’ve pretty much mapped out the rest of the book in my head, as far as how things will unfold towards the end, and even the epilogue. My playlist is growing and growing. So far Ebony’s playlist has 29 songs in the book. A big thank you to my sister who texts me every few days with good songs for me to listen to and see if they fit the story.

I’m off to hunt for this poem again.

Write soon. Bye.


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