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Look How Far You’ve Come Already

one 2Yesterday I didn’t write as much as I normally do and I was sitting there thinking, “I’m never going to finish this book.” Then I looked back to when I wrote the first word of my new adult romance and saw the date. I started writing 8/24. I was amazed because I couldn’t believe I’d written all that I had in a month’s time. I had to remind myself, “Look how far you’ve come already. You got this.”

I would say I’ve written about 250 pages so far. Now this is hand written, so I don’t know what many pages that’ll equal once I type it, but damn am I proud of myself. I bought a 336 page journal, started writing 3 stories in it, and have 2 pages left in the journal now.

So, here’s me, patting myself on the back. And here’s me commending other authors because, of course I know how hard authors work to create beautiful stories, but I never realized how hard until I started write one too.

Almost done with the chapter I’m writing today (chapter 24) and it’s Ebony and Marcus’ first time completely alone. I’m so excited for this scene.

Write soon. Bye.


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