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deadlineI’ve set a deadline for myself. I want to be done with my new adult romance by 11/24 of this year. It took me a month to write a good 40% of the book, so I think 2 months is a good time frame to finish the rest. Then comes the editing and all that fun stuff. Yay.

I’m officially finished with my first journal and writing in the second. Since my last post I’ve written 3 chapters and the first sex scene (wiggling eyebrows). Turns out googling sounds to write in a sex scene besides moans and groans will lead you down a very funny wormhole. I saw some things I found so ridiculous, it ended up being funny.

I want to dedicate some days to my contemporary romance, but I feel like my new adult is always just demanding to be written every chance I get. I feel like I’m neglecting one of my babies, but I also feel like I should write what’s speaking to me at that moment and not force anything.

Write soon. Bye.


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