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Big Things Are Happening

So much has been going on. Most importantly, I’m well on my way to putting my first book, Be My Light, up for pre-order on Amazon. I can’t even believe it’s happening. The final round of editing has been sent back to my editor and then I have to read over it one more time and that’s it! The blurb was a test of my sanity, but luckily for me, I had an incredible friend (who’s also an author) help me out GREATLY and we ended up with a good one. Just picking what options you want on Amazon and entering all the info to publish is both exciting and daunting.

It will officially release on Oct. 15th. There’s 2 playlists that go with the book that I will be posting a link for in a few days. I hope anyone reading this will check it out and think about buying it.

On to my second book (the single dad romance), I have a title, and am looking at covers. That one will be going to the editor after I publish the first book.

I’m currently working on book three and hit my goal of writing 50k for this month. I have no idea what the title will be yet, but it’s another romance (obviously). A fake fiancee romance. I love it and it’s required so much research.

I’ve plotted out two more books and now I can’t decide which book I want to start after I’m done with book 3.

Of course, when I put Be My Light up for pre-order, I’ll post the link in a new post.

Write soon. Bye.

Ari Reavis

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