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Another Book Down

Book #8 is finished!!!!! If anyone had ever told me I’d enjoyed writing a love triangle so much, I would’ve thought they were lying, but… I loved it. Being able to write two guys and show the differences between them, the differences in the way the heroine felt for them and how they treated her. And of course, who she chose in the end.

In other news, All The Pieces of You have been out for a week and doing really well. I’m getting ready to send book #3 (fake marriage romance) over to the editor in the hopes of publishing that one in June. If only I could choose a title for it. I’m stuck between three that I like.

I’m almost done with book #9. I was working on 8 and 9 at the same time, so I think I have about two chapters left for that one. That one is an enemies to lover romance.

Write soon. Bye.


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