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Fantasy In The Works

Okay, so book 3 is in it’s third round of edits and I’m looking at publishing it in mid-July. I’ve got the cover and title (finally) figured out. It’s a fake marriage romance and I am loving it more and more everytime I re-read it.

I’m plotting out book 11, which will be based off a character from book 10. Nervous to be writing a series, as that’s a lot of timelines and stories to match up. But very, very excited. The character just kept talking to me, so I figured I should listen, right? Plus the guy in book 10 is from book 7, so AHHH! Now to figure out a series name.

But the biggest news, for me anyway, is that I’m working on a fantasy book. I’m already 75k done with it and have another 7 or 8 (long) chapters to go. I have fallen in love with this book. Building my own world, figuring out the names, and kingdoms, what makes them different and alike. It’s all been very fun. I have been looking for the cover ever since I wrote what the main characters will look like, but haven’t been all that successful in finding anything pre-made. So if anyone knows some great illustrators, let me know.

That’s all for now. I’ll post when book 3 is available for pre-order. And I’ll even tell you guys the title now. *whispers* Just Fake It *shh*

Write soon. Bye,


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